June 14 - 16, 2018 | USA, Kansas City, Mo
RSJ Convention

RSJ Convention

A writer and reader event celebrating diversity in literature with an amazing 3-day fun filled conference full of adventures, exploits, industry forums, workshops and the coveted Emma Awards. – GET MORE DETAILS

Emma Awards

The coveted award for diversity in literature.  You’ll want to keep up with the nominees in the various genres and attend this red carpet ceremony awards dinner. – PURCHASE 2018 TICKETS NOW

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Industry forums, author craft and reader workshops! The biggest mistake we can make is to believe we know everything.  Find expert experience here; 2018 Schedule Coming Soon!SEE 2017 SCHEDULE

2017 Finalists

Nominations for the coveted 2017 Emma Awards are now closed.  Find out which books made the finalists list for this diversity in literature excellence award.  – VIEW 2017 FINALISTS and WINNERS

Director Ava DuVernay of A Wrinkle In Time Speaks on Diversity in the Film Industry

With the ever popular topic of diversity and with so many companies attempting to focus on diversity but unbeknownst to them falling short by making assumptions about the issue, I found this article about director Ava DuVernay by Wired magazine to be refreshing. DuVernay is the director of A Wrinkle in Time staring Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon. With Ms. DuVernay being the first African-American women to direct a $100 million-plus movie, the article put a light on [ . . . Read more . . .]

VIDEO: RSJ BOOK LOVER EVENT – Author & Reader Discussion “The African American Book Section”

We couldn't let 2017 pass by without a video highlight from the 2017 RSJ Book Lovers Convention. During the convention, we opened up a new segment called "The Forum". The forum launched with the topic: "The African American Book Section - Yea or Nay?" Romance authors Lisa Rayne, Nicki Night and Earl Sewell were on hand to discuss the topic with readers and writers during the RSJ Book lovers Event that took place in Los Angeles, California. Both readers and authors displayed opinions of whether they find the African American Book Section good or bad. There were some interesting opinions on the table but the most intriguing aspect was [ . . . Read more . . .]

2017 Romance Slam Jam Emma Award Winners Announced

"And the Emma Award for literary excellence goes to . . . ." RSJ Convention, the networking event for authors of diverse, black and African-American characters including aspiring, women's fiction, and published romance authors, announces the winners of the 2017 Emma Awards. The Emma — the premier award for diversity in literature — recognizes excellence in published romance novels, novellas, and women's fiction featuring black, African-American, and multicultural protagonists. The 2017 winners were announced at [ . . . Read more . . .]

2017 Aspiring Author Contest Winners

Aspiring Author Contest winners have been announced! Romance Slam Jam (RSJ) with support from Diverse Writers and Readers International, inspires more diversity by encouraging aspiring black authors to continue into a writing career. To support this mission, we created the Aspiring Author Contest to advocate the black romance industry. The contest serves to encourage unpublished black authors to submit their manuscripts for review, with an [ . . . Read more . . .]

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Never explored Kansas City?

June 13th, 2018 has been designated as tour and excursion day.  We’re compiling a list of our favorite must-see Kansas City attractions and events to get you out and about the Heartland’s most historic city. You’re sure to have a blast! #HowWeDoKC

Group tours and excursions may also be available at a later date. Have a suggestion? Let us know! Contact info@rsjconvention.com.

*Each person is responsible for paying their own costs and for their own meals on trips.
*Exception: Any Group Tours(s) may include certain costs.
(Exceptions will be noted in registration details, if any.)

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RSJ 2018: Show Me the Romance!  in K.C.

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