Romance Book Lover Events in Los Angeles
discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online, Visit Romance Slam Jam Book Lovers Convention + Great Booklover gifts + Los Angeles, California
discuss with other book lovers, buy romance books online, Visit Romance Book Lover Convention + Great Booklover gifts + Los Angeles, California

Romance Slam Jam – RSJ Booklovers Convention 2017
March 22 – March 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California

We come from all over the world to celebrate Black Authors and the Romance Book Industry.
Continuing the mission for more diverse characters and authors.

“Lights! Camera! Romance in L.A.”

Welcome to RSJ 2017 (#RomanceSlamJam)

Welcome to the online home of the Romance Slam Jam Book Lovers Convention (RSJ)! We’re here to support the authors, readers, and industry specialists who enjoy “own voices” romance books featuring black and multicultural protagonists.

You’ll have an amazing time during this 4-day, fun-filled event full of author and booklover activities, reader and writer workshops, and local excursions. The excitement culminates on the last day with the convention banquet, featuring an industry keynote speaker and the ceremony for the coveted Emma Awards. The Emma Awards are the premier industry awards for authors of black romance.

Who should attend the RSJ Book Lovers Convention?

  • Readers, bloggers, and reviewers, who love romance books and are eager to interact with their favorite authors and engage with new ones. Attendees also enjoy FREE books given out at various events, the chance to win book-related prizes and enjoy baskets full of goodies!
  • Published authors who want to meet with readers and network with fellow authors and industry professionals. Promotional opportunities are available for authors, including event sponsorships, on-site book club meetings, and organized giveaways.
  • Aspiring authors interested in refining their craft or who want to learn more about the publishing business. Writers at all stages of their career can participate in various workshops led by bestselling indie and traditionally published authors and industry professionals. Subjects covered generally include craft, media and marketing, self-publishing, social media and business organization.

Register now so you don’t miss out on any of the booklover fun!

Romance Booklover Convention - Celebrating Black RomanceFeatured Presenters include author Zuri Day, author Lisa Rayne,
author J.M. Jeffries, author Earl Sewell, and author Lutishia Lovely.
And newly confirmed women’s fiction author: Pamela Samuels Young as well.
For details about Featured Host & Authors, Click Here
For additional attending authors, Click Here

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 (#RomanceSlamJam)

  • Early Registration – “Get your complimentary Event Bag of goodies, your Souvenir T-shirt & Welcome Package.”
  • Pre-Convention City Tours & Excursions – Explore Los Angeles (Limited Seating): SIGN UP NOW
  • The RSJ Convention Officially Begins:  Welcome & Old Fashion Game Night – “Sounds like a Challenge!”

Thursday, March 23, 2017 (#RomanceSlamJam)

  • Registration – “Get your complimentary Event Bag of goodies, your Souvenir T-shirt & Welcome Package.”
  • Workshops – “From fun romance booklover workshops to Writing workshops – You choose.”
  • Intimate Sessions & Author Speed Date (*Bag lunch for purchase)
  • Get Acquainted Meet n’ Greet
  • Book Club Pep Squad Rally

Friday, March 24, 2017 (#RomanceSlamJam )

  • Workshops – “From fun romance booklover workshops to Writing workshops – You choose.”
  • Keynote Luncheon with best selling author Lutishia Lovely
  • Pajama Spoken Book Party
  • Bookology Game Event

Saturday, March 25, 2017 (#RomanceSlamJam )

  • Registration Still Open – “How can we help?”
  • Workshops – “From fun romance booklover workshops to writing workshops – You choose.”
  • SPECIAL EVENT: Harlequin Kimani Author Luncheon. (Limit 75 people). – Not included with RSJ convention ticket.  Send Me More Info About It.
  • Author Book Signing (Included with full RSJ Registration – *Open to Public at Cost)


*Advance Registration $335 deadline March 14, 2017
*Late Registration $435 deadline March 15, 2017
  • 4-Day Booklover Event
  • Bags
  • T-shirt
  • Lanyard
  • Welcome Packet
  • Pen
  • Notepad
  • Souvenir Program Booklet
  • Get Acquainted Meet n’ Greet
  • Free Kindle Drawing
  • All Workshops
  • Book club Pep Rally Party
  • Pajama Spoken Book Party
  • Keynote Luncheon – Author Lutishia Lovely
  • Emma Awards Dinner – Ticket INCLUDED
    *Individual or Additional Tix – CLICK HERE
  • Author Signing Book Fair
  • Author Speed Date & Intimate Session
  • Misc. Free Books
    (Get all 4 days by Registering Now and save)

Did you know?  RSJ is having a . . .

How can your creative teen become a successful writer? . . . By learning how to magnify their thoughts into illuminating, definitive, photographic words.  Please put me on your list so that I’m kept up-to-date on the RSJ Convention and so I’m notified of the Teen Workshop Day as well.
*RSJ Registration is not required to buy a ticket for the Teen Workshop Day. (Ticket Info Coming Soon)

Special Harlequin Kimani Author Event

(Limited seating: max 75) – NOT included with RSJ convention ticket. This is a Harlequin Kimani Author Event.

Night and Day’s Romance Soiree – Featuring KIMANI AUTHORS and their HEROES

Join authors Zuri Day, Nicki Night, and several other Kimani authors as they celebrate the heroes of romance. From attorneys to doctors and bad boys to blue-collar hunks, this Harlequin line celebrates the type of man we admire and the strong, smart women who love them. The soiree will feature games, giveaways, and story scenes that go from the page to the stage! If readers are looking for their leading man, this luncheon will provide their happily ever . . . now!  – ADD ME TO THE LIST AND SEND ME NOTIFICATIONS ABOUT IT!


  • Zuri Day
  • Nicki Night
  • Lindsay Evans
  • Monica Richardson
  • Serenity King
  • Carla Buchanan

. . . and their HEROES

*Full list of Harlequin Kimani Authors is in the works.

Harlequin Kimani Romance at Romance Booklovers Event Romance Slam Jam Convention Los Angeles / Harlequin logo

For more about Harlequin Kimani Romance, Click Here

REGISTER NOW – Limit: 75 people

*Events requiring an add-on ticket include: The Special Harlequin Kimani Author Luncheon Event by Harlequin (Limited seating – 75 max) and the Pre-Convention Los Angeles Tours & Excursions. – Seats will fill up fast so do not delay.

Get a chance at an Amazon Kindle E-Reader for FREE!

RSJ registrants are entered into the free Kindle drawing during the Romance Slam Jam booklovers event.

Romance Books Online + Kindle Drawing title

*New Metro Line Opened May 2016, Video by Downtown Santa Monica

Never explored Los Angeles?  MARCH 22nd, 2017 has been designated as tour and excursion day.  We’ve arranged THREE TOURS geared to get you out and about in the California sun, ocean, and city.  Choose between one of the THREE TOURS or choose from the suggested list of Los Angeles excursions to explore.  Whether you tour with the RSJ groups or explore the Los Angeles excursions on your own, you’re sure to have a blast!  Tours are set to a specific number of attendees, so sign up fast.  If you have any questions, contact: .

Los Angeles Tours & Excursions Coming Soon!

  • Viejas Casino and Outlet Shopping trip – San Diego
    (Must have 35 people / Limit 50)*
  • J. Paul “Getty” Museum and San Antonio Winery Tour
    (Must have 12 to 15 people – Limit 15 / Will consider second bus if exceeds 15 limit)*
  • City Tour : Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Beach and more
    (Must have 12 to 15 People – Limit 15 / Will consider second bus if exceeds 15 limit)*
  • Sail Boat Adventure – Sail the ocean as you cruise along the Marina Del Rey harbor.
    *(Limited to max of 6 per excursion. If low numbers, may share space with other tourists. Includes appetizers.)

*Not Included with Registration – Los Angeles Tours are scheduled for the first day of convention.  Add-on Tickets available soon.
*Each person is responsible for paying for their own lunch on trips.
*Exception: Boat Adventure comes with appetizers.

Get Los Angeles Tours & Excursions!

You don’t have to tell me any more!


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